Saturday, April 25, 2009


Wow this is it; Have finished basic training with a barely passing grade - i dont think anyone fails language - and now on my own: Cant even find the period. oh there it is. I will be with my host family for two more months: they are great: 3 sisters - one is getting married in July and is at home on engagement lockdown so to speak: She must be careful to observe all the cultural requirements: keeping her hair covered with a veil in the presence of a male not related; polishing her housekeeping skills - under her mothers eye,etc. It was a sort of arranged marriage, she could say no. The family met him at the brides home and arrangements were discussed,various prenuptial agreements. I met him as well. He is quite handsome, but lives in Rabat which is a great distance from here.

Yesterday the local doctor who has patients covering an area of 10,000 people, and has his sbitar or clinic here in Tanant, took me and Rachel and Kaitlin - 2 of my co-workers - to the famous falls in a town the name of I cant spell - oooz...something. The falls are amazing. We hiked in and over and up and down to cover all the best viewing sights and acted like real tourists taking multiple photos with each camera, with of various combinations of the group: It was a marvelous of a gift of his time and a sharing of enjoyment: He speaks a little English but mostly French and Arabic and Darshi - a local dialect. I think I will be working with him to help spread better health practices. I suspect he enjoyed spending time with us as Kaitlin speaks French and was able to translate. I do not think he has many to talk with in town. Also met with the local Ciad - like a police chief - who also speaks English somewhat and offered his help to me.
Have been trying to locate a tutor. So far its been all dead ends. Also need to find a place to live for 2 years. Saw a place the other day that seem a good possibility: Its on the 2nd floor with a western exposure -hot in summer - with 3 rooms, kitchen with a window, water faucet, and space for a frig, stove, and table. the other rooms are fair sized and have windows and overhead lighting. The views are great and I would have a shared roof with the widowed owner of the top floor. The roof is a great place to do laundry and for summer sleeping. And now I must go home and force some more Tash into my head: Enshallah xxxx

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009

just hi and life is good: All the people here have cells phones and TV which blast all day with soap operas; but only a spigot of cold water in the kitchen