Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We had all 8 of us piled into a taxi for our return trip to Emmy's house where we were staying for our training session. It was Ramadan and close to sundown and FOOD for those fasting was riding in our trunk. So everyone was eager to get home. 8 PCVs and a driver were already loaded when another devout fasting Muslim pleaded to join us. He climbed on our laps in the back seat & off we went over hills & valleys,and across streams, laughing & joking. Arriving just before the magic hour, we unfolded from the taxi all 9 of us and went to the trunk for our pizzas only to find 2 more "brothers" in the trunk with our Italian treat

Lo and behold we are finally off and running. October 15 marked the special day we, Brian, Blake and me, had a program at the primary school, MSMOEAT LMDRASA TANANT. We had met with the Director of the Ministry of Education and he was most gracious and gave us immediate authorization to work in all the schools in our towns, and called the permission so we could act at once. Fortunately we met the school's Mudir (principal) at the store and made arrangements to visit is the next day - October 15th! He took us to 6 classrooms where we talked about the 5 critcal reasons for hand washing with soap: Water alone does not kill germs, Washing with soap prevents the spread of germs, The most important times for washing are after using the bathroom and before eating, Children are agents of change and can influence others to use this practice, Many lives are saved, Lots of money is saved. We made our demonstration to 191 students! We plan a follow up next month.