Thursday, September 10, 2009


Thank you all for the greetings on my birthday. We were at a training session for the Volunteer Support Network which counsels those who are having problems. There were 6 of us and 2 trainers all staying at Emmys house in Imintlt which is south of Essaouris on the Altantic coast. The water situation was pretty bleak, but she had a "waterboy" who twice a day refilled our water containers. The rest of it was a hoot. On my birthday they baked a large brownie topped with candles that wouldnt blow out! Nearly set fire to the Place amid gales of laughter. I had 44 emails, most of which I answered, and numerous text messages including one from our Director David Lille. The 8th was supposed to be a travel day homeward bound but I went with Kaitlin to the beach at Essaouria. And that was a treat. We bought ice cream cones and watched the ocean while we ate pizza. I spent the night at her house and returned home on the 9th, pooped but pleased with my 85th