Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It is almost July 1 and the date of my moving into my own place. I stopped by yesterday to pay the rent - 600 dirham which is about 75 dollars and provided by PC. The landlady's son and a buddy were hard at work replacing windows. Much work had been done inside - an enlarged and tiled bathroom, a new wall in the kitchen, and paint everywhere. Think it going to be great. The son, who speaks English, told me he'll get a stove put in. Now I just have to worry about everything else--just like a bride.

Speaking of which, my host family is deep into wedding preparations. It's party time next month. Apparently the actual marriage took place when the bride and her family signed the contract specifying everything. The bride was living with her husband for a while, is home now. The celebration is in July so that all family members can come. July and August are very popular for wedding parties. The party goes on all day and night with people drifting in and out, sleeping, eating, dancing -men with men and women with women. Kind of like line dancing or just a general hula type of giration. Anyway, I will be invited.

I am the only PCV in this town, and not too many others are English speakers, so I am very alone. The second-year PCV in a nearby village, Brian, is going to help me with my project, and also with my move, since he speaks Tashilheet and French which is the official language, and of course English. He's a great guy and plans to continue his education as a city planner with his ideal being Cincinnati. his home town.

My life here right now is mostly studying the language, with tutoring twice weekly. My project is on hold since the schools are closed for the summer. All things in Moroccan time, Enshallah.

Talk to you soon. Love to all. imma, jadda, ngr jadda n jadda (mother, grandmother, or grandmother of a grandmother)